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Zero Camera Mod:Installation Tutorial For Galaxy S8/S8+

Zero Camera Mod is not by default it is released by one XDA devs Zeroprobe read the complete tutorial and apply it on your Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 does not have much difference in camera department when compared with its predecessors yet it has one of the best camera available on flagship smartphones.No matter how good a camera is on a smartphone there are always improvements and customizations that user will like to make.

For example, you may not like the default bit rate for video recording and you would like to tune the quality of JPEG images then you need some extra customization options.These settings are not available by default you need to install 3rd party apps which will help you to perform this hack.

Most users are not bothered with these settings but if you are a pro camera person and would like to have extra feature for fine tuning of pictures and videos then Zero Camera Mod is for you.

What is Zero Camera Mod?

It enables the use of HDR while recording in QHD or 4K and enables autofocus tracking on all camera modes.Some other important feature of Zero Camera Mod is that it removes the 10 minute limit of 4K video recording and 1080p recording at 60fps which will be loved by every person who likes to take pictures a lot.


  • HDR effect for 4K and QHD videos
  • Autofocus tracking available for all camera modes
  • No time limits for recording
  • Increased bit rate for better recording
  • Increased quality of JPEG photos
  • Video effects modes for 4K and QHD videos

Zero Camera ModInstallation Tutorial For Galaxy S8S8+

This camera mod is available in the form of a flashable zip file that you have to flash from TWRP custom recovery.It will replace the default camera app with a modified version number.If you would like to have more control then developer also has the paid version of the app available on PlayStore but a free version is enough to make things better for you.

This app will require root access which you must have already done before installing this app.Paid version of this app has extra features like default gallery which will appear on the camera interface and enabling camera flash even if your battery is below 15%.

Downloads Needed

These downloads consist everything you need first is the paid app then it’s the actual link of the Zero Camera Mod and the third one is default camera app which may be needed if you want to revert back to default features.

Requirements of the process

  • If you are going for the paid app you will need to root your Galaxy S8/S8+
  • If you are going for the free mod then still you need a working TWRP recovery installed on your phone.

Installation procedure

  • Download the app from the above given link and transfer it to your phone.
  • Power off your phone and enter the recovery mod by holding the Volume Up, Bixby and Power Button together for few seconds and release all them together when you see Android logo.
  • Now your device should boot in TWRP recovery mod.
  • Once there navigate and install the zip file which you just transferred.
  • Select the file and swipe it to flash it won’t take more than a minute.
  • Once completed you will see reboot button press it to boot your phone.
  • If you ever want the default app back then repeat the same process with default app zip file.

If you have Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ follow the above steps to make its camera more useful and enjoy capturing your favorite moments.

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