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Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts are easy and almost same like we have seen in Windows 8 lets see complete shortcuts that you didn’t know about.

Every OS have their keyboard shortcuts to make life easier for the fast working users in the previous versions of Windows till 7 same types of shortcuts were used.But with the change in interface from Windows 8 some new features were launched.

These features are also accessible with the help of shortcuts and more better features were launched in Windows 10 which is now powering millions of devices world wide.

Note:-These are keyboard shortcuts so only work if you are using a device with keyboard or virtual keyboard on screen.

Windows 10 is the multi device OS it can be installed on laptops,desktops,tablets and mobiles as keyboards are with laptops and desktops so these shortcuts are used mostly on those devices.Other devices have external and virtual keyboard options but people don’t use them much.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Lets take a look at some of the keyboard shortcuts that will make your work more faster:

  • Press Window+right arrow key to snap any window to the right side.
  • Press Window+left arrow key to snap window to the left side.
  • Press Window+upper arrow key to take window to the top of the screen.
  • Press Window+down arrow key to take window to the bottom.

Window Management Options

Windows 10 has the window management feature which will show you the running tasks and you have the options to jump from one task to other.You will also see virtual desktop option from here this feature was the much awaited in Windows.

1.Windows key + Tab

This will open the management interface where every running task will be shown to you this is also used for running the virtual desktops and easy switching between them.

2.Alt+Tab key

This key combination works in both whether your desktop environment is open or you are in window management options.In both places it will help you to scroll between running tasks you can open any runny task by the combination of these keys.

Virtual Desktops In Windows 10

Virtual desktop can be accessed in two ways from shortcuts and windows management options we have shown you the management way now lets see shortcuts.

  • Press Windows + Ctrl + D to open and switch to new desktop.
  • Press Windows + Ctrl + F4 to close the current running virtual desktop.
  • Press Windows + Ctrl + Left to switch to virtual desktop on the left side and Windows + Ctrl + Right key to switch to desktop on the right side.

Other Shortcuts

  • Windows key + X to open the right click start button features.
  • Windows key + A: Open the Action Center.
  • Windows key + C: Launch Cortana in listening mode.
  • Windows key + I: Open the Settings app.
  • Windows key + S: Launch Cortana.
  • Windows key + E: Launch explorer.
  • Windows key + L: Lock the desktop.
  • Windows key + PrtScrn: For taking screenshots of the current screen.

Edge & Other Browser Shortcut Keys

  • Ctrl+T key : To open new tab.
  • Ctrl + D: To Bookmark any page.
  • Ctrl + L: To Highlight current URL.
  • Ctrl + Tab: Browse through your current tabs.

These are the Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts some of these will work in previous versions of Windows too because those are old one’s those which are specially for Windows 10 will only work in it.

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