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Windows 10 Anniversary Update-How To Install On Your PC

Windows 10 Anniversary Update was rolled recently for all Windows 10 devices it has many new features if you don’t know how to get it then here is a simple tutorial for you.

Windows 10 is used by millions of machines including tablets and mobiles as we all know Microsoft is keen to force users that they should use Windows 10 they are constantly making it better by applying to your feedbacks.After the release of Windows 10 besides small updates, there was a big update in November and further updates will be more special.

Because we all know Windows 10 is there for a long time there will not be any more operating system they will be updating Windows 10 to make it better according to consumers and latest technology standards.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Next important update for Windows 10 is its Anniversary Update this update will be bigger and will have lots of improvements as Microsoft is looking at every corner of the OS.This update is already rolled out on all devices like PC,Mobiles, and Tablets.

It was scheduled for July but it was rolled out in August it has many new features including bug fixes and upgrades.This update is packed with new features like smarter Cortana,Windows Ink Space,better gaming experience,faster Edge browsing and much more.

Old machines will not be getting the updates instantly only the new ones will get them first those which came with Windows 10.But you can always try some tricks to get these updates straight on your old machine all you have to do is to install updates automatically option enabled.

Download Windows 10 Anniversary Update

  • Click on start button and go to settings.
  • Click on Update & Security icon in the settings window.
  • In Update & Security, you have to click on Check for Updates the Anniversary update with version number 1607 will be downloaded.
  • Another way is to click on Learn More in the above step.
  • It will redirect you to support page of Microsoft where you can get the Anniversary update.
  • Click on Get Anniversary Update button and its exe will be downloaded.

That’s it you can now enjoy Windows 10 Anniversary update features on your devices to fix some Windows 10 errors check out Fix Windows 10 Issues.

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