What’s New In Android N Video Review By Google

Google have uploaded Android N features video on their Google developers Youtube channel which sums up all the new features in working environment.

We have already posted details about Android N features which was for end users of what you can expect in the coming months but Google have done their own preview video in the form of What’s new in Android N which was uploaded earlier in the Google Developer channel.

This video was published for developers so that they can idea about what then can expect how they can apply changes to their apps.If you are not a developer then still this video is worth watching because you see the new features working.

This video covers lots of new features that we have already discussed in our Android N expectations post that was only information but now you can enjoy all the features seeing them.

Android N Features Shown In Video

  • Doze Mode
  • Split Screen Mode
  • Picture in picture mode
  • Data Saver
  • Notification redesign

You will see Doze Mode in action including details and how you can use it split screen mode and details of using it and how you can use multi window apps option and apply it to your apps.Some other things were also mentioned for developers that you can now see direct boot requirements for your apps.

Android will be launching around September 30 this year on selected Nexus handsets Google is very confident about their new product they want to make the next big thing in the smartphone industry.Because there are so many new features that should be in Android from the start.

Google is using great marketing strategies to promote their latest mobile OS they want to make this perfect this time but still there will be criticism and Google is ready for it.So watch the video and tell us in comments what you think about this new mobile OS version by Google.

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