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Use Of Smart Cleaning In LG Smart Phones

Smart cleaning is the app that is being shipped with the LG latest smartphones like LG V10 it is very handy when you want to get rid of the unused space in your smartphone.

After using smartphone for some time we notice that there is a shrink in space it could be anything we download HD music take pix and download different types of Apps but these may not be the reason for the increase in space.When we use and download things from the internet a lot of junk and temporary files are created that stays there unless we delete them.

There are plenty of apps available on the play store that can clean your files and free some of the mobile space but LG smartphones has the utility called Smart Cleaning.It will help you to clean cached and other download junk resources you have collected in your phone.

To open Smart Cleaning go to  device settings tap on it you will be taken to the Smart Cleaning app screen like the image below.

Use Of Smart Cleaning In LG Smart Phones

This is the main screen of the Smart Cleaning app in LG it is showing you how much of space you have available how much is used and how much you can clean from this utility.The cleaning options are performed on three categories shown above

  • Temporary Files:-It will have temporary files of Apps cache and internet related temporary files that are useless for you.
  • Download Folder:-Some unused downloaded stuff or unfinished files that you forget and remains their it bytes the space you have to delete them to get rid of the useless space.
  • Idle Apps:-The apps which are remained idle for a long time and you did not notice about these takes up a lot of space need to delete them to get rid of the useless space.

Tap on any of the above following options provided it will open a screen asking what to remove check the options that you want to remove and click on the clean button then any useless files that you have selected will be removed.

After cleaning you will be taken to main screen of the app which will show you how much space you have gained now by removing useless apps and space on your phone.There are plenty of Apps available in the Play Store but LG has provided the built in cleaning option that you can use without installing any other 3rd party apps.

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