Transition from iPhone to Android The Easy Way

Transition from iPhone to Android is not easy because Apple does not make it easy to migrate from one mobile OS to another but there are some tips and tools that might help you.

Migrating from any OS to another is anxiety for some of us who are comfortable with their current OS on both smartphones and Computer systems.It is more difficult for smartphone users because they are used to their device and it has become a habit to use it in their own way.

But there are some people who like to experiment new mobile phones and wants to try the latest technology for them there are some tools that will help them to migrate from iOS to Android.

Transition from iPhone to Android

Follow these steps to migrate from iPhone to Android:

Stock Android

Every manufacturer has its own version of Android which makes it difficult to migrate the first step for migration is to use those mobile phones which have Stock Android in them.Just like TouchWiz is for the Samsung devices you need to use a stock version of Android if you want to benefit all the features of Android system.

It’s not easy to find a smartphone which has a stock android maybe you can find Chinese ones they don’t modify the system.If you are a pure iOS user then you will find difficult to use the Android of any type but Stock Android is a bit easier that’s why you should use it first.

Turn off iMessage

This is the first step if you need to migrate your data then you need to turn off the iMessage otherwise your messages will be lost.This is a bug which is found in Apple devices if you want to keep getting the messages and texts you need to turn it off for a smooth transition.

iMessage is an app that converts your messages into iMessages Apple users won’t feel the difference because the message is traveling from Apple to another Apple device.Those who are switching to Android have to make sure that their texts should reach the destination.

Sync Data from iPhone to Android

Using iPhone means storing all the personal data on iCloud which will lock your data for protection or accidental deletion.It makes it harder to sync and transfer data to Android devices but it’s not difficult you can easily transfer your pictures, videos, and other data to Android.

One of the easiest things you can do is to use Gmail to store data on iPhone anything that you store using your Gmail account on iPhone will be transferred to your Android device easily.Android does have its sync service with iCloud which will help you to transfer other necessary data.

Exporting Contacts

There are many ways in which you can export your contacts to Android from iPhone best option is to use Gmail like we mentioned earlier.Just back up your contacts and other necessary data to Gmail and it will be automatically saved on your Android phone when you will sign in.

These are some of the easiest ways of Transition from iPhone to Android you will find some apps also that will help you to do that but some files are always missing manual method is always the best.If still some files are not transferring connect your iPhone to your PC and manually copy your data and then paste it in your Android mobile drive.

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