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Track Windows 10 Tablet Or PC With These Simple Steps

Windows 10 Tablet Or PC can be tracked easily with the new added feature that was rolled out in the Nov update of 2015 now you can locate your device remotely.

Windows 10 have lots of features that some of you even don’t have tried Microsoft best work till date is now on millions of devices.Some of the features are already been covered on our previous posts today we will discuss the tracking feature.

You need to be signed in to your Microsoft account to use this feature but remember limitations are their you cannot make changes to your data.

Device tracking system is off you need to turn it on this is not like the mobile phone tracking which sends data with his connected network or data plan.To use this your device tablet or pc should be connected to the internet in order to process information.

Windows 10 Tablet Or PC Tracking

Lets enable the device tracker by following easy steps:

  • Open settings from the start menu.
  • windows 10 tablet or pc tracking
  • Setting window will open with lots of options to choose from click Update &Security then in the next window you will see its options.
  • windows 10 tablet or pc tracking
  • Choose Find My Devices Tab you should have already be signed in to your Microsoft account if not or if you don’t have an account create new.
  • windows 10 tablet or pc tracking
  • Click Change then toggle the Save my devices location to ON it is OFF by default by doing this you will send data about your location to Microsoft.This will help you to locate your devices when ever it is connected to the web even last location too when ever it was on at certain place.
  • windows 10 tablet or pc tracking

Tracking Device

  • Log on to here to open the Microsoft page where you can track your device.
  • Sign in to view the devices that are connected to your account you can connect as many you want.
  • By clicking on the Find My Device link you will be able to track your device and its last location not just for tablet even if laptop was connected it will display with the help of Bing Map.

So start tracking Windows 10 tablet or PC now and use this awesome new feature tell us in the comments if you have tried this feature.

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