Take Screenshots From Apple Watch – Easy Way

Screenshots from Apple Watch smart device is easy like all other smartphones and tablets just some people don’t know how to do it so here we have an easy tutorial for you.

Apple watches the smartwatch designed by Apple is still most liked and bought smartwatches available in the market today.It is the ultimate device to measure your health your meal routine and off course your social life and plenty more.

The most common use of Apple Watches are health related apps and tracking food related routine so that you can make your lifestyle and health better.These apps are also synchronized with other Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks.

Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5 and above running iOS version 8.2 and above version.It is available in 5 different versions each of them has their on design and some app functionality.

Watch Series 1,2, Nike + and Hermes are some of the versions available in the markets all over the world.Just like every smart device you can take screenshots from apple watch easily.It’s sometimes necessary to take the screenshots to show some activity of the screen.

So just follow these steps and take screenshots of your activities on Apple Watch.

Screenshots From Apple Watch

  • Each version of Apple Watch have its own functionality so the method will be different in some versions if you have Watch OS 3 version, then the first thing you should do is to enable the screenshot feature which is disabled by default.
  • Just open the Watch app and click on General.
  • Scroll down and you will see a toggle option Enable Screenshots.
  • After turning on the feature just open the screen on your Apple Watch which you want to capture.
  • Then press and hold the side button and press the digital crown button.
  • Your screen will go white and if the sound is enabled then you will hear a sound of camera shutter taking a picture.
  • Now your screenshot is captured and it will be saved in Photos application of your iPhone because of sync connection between iPhone and Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is not famous because of Apple brand its famous because of its productivity and health apps which are available on iTunes.Just follow the above-mentioned steps and take screenshots of your watch activity you can share them over the social media with your friends about your food diet or health routines.

Same functionalities are also available now on Android Watches if you want to have a classic design with modern technology then have a look at Huawei Fit which is on Android but less expensive and have all the health apps you need.

Smart watches are usually used to track and monitor sleeping issues and food diet problems it will give you suggestions to improve your health if you are a die-hard Apple fan then you should definitely have Apple Watch in your gadgets list.

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