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Stop Windows 10 From Asking Feedbacks Privacy Protection

Stop Windows 10 From Asking Feedbacks because it is collecting your data and sending it to Microsoft which you might not like disabling it will save bandwidth too.

Windows 10 not only collects data from you it will also ask for you to feedback helps Microsoft making their products better.It will show pop ups again and again until you give them feedback this is installed by default on Windows 10 machines to help better understand users and what they want.

As Microsoft suggested they are working on to make their Windows 10 the best one what they ever created that’s why they are taking this feedback thing seriously.They want you to tell them what you want which is a nice thing and some of you want that.

But it will eat your bandwidth if you have slow internet connections which is still a problem in some parts of the world.It is also annoying when a pop up appears again and again to ask for the feedback you can disable this feature by just simple steps.

Stop Windows 10 From Asking Feedbacks

1.Click on Start type settings and click on it.

settings in windows 10

2.Click on privacy icon which will show you privacy related settings

settings in windows 10

Now on the next screen find feedback & diagnostics and click on it.

stop windows 10 from asking feedback

On the right pane you will see feedback frequency click on the drop down menu and select never this will stop Windows for asking feedbacks.

Disable Notification

For disabling the notification you need to follow the same above steps.

1.Click start then type settings.

settings in windows 10

2.On the next screen click on system which will take you to the system settings.

settings in windows 10

When you will click on system you will see lots of options select notifications & actions.

Notification & action windows 10

On the right pane you are seeing some options that can be tuned off Windows Feedback is in the bottom turn it off that’s it you are done you have not disabled notifications for taking feedbacks.

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