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Smartphone Storage Internal External Future

Smartphone Storage is available in so many different forms internal external and cloud options what will be its future read the complete details to know about.

There are three main types of storage that are fighting in the market first is internal which is available in variations on different smartphones.Second is the everyone’s favorite removable storage because you can save data to some external chip this gives freedom to users that their data is save at some other place.

Cloud storage have been around from some years now and getting more fame because physically you don’t have to carry any chips or servers with you.You just have the login and password and you can save and retrieve data from any where and on any device.

Each of these storage models have their benefits drawbacks and speed related issues one will be good for manufacturers other may be better for users.We can’t decide which one will be better for us that’s why we all use three of these options together to store our data at different places.

Internal Smartphone Storage

Internal storage is according to manufacturers is better because you can save data in your memory you don’t have to worry about placing extra chips because now internal storage are available in more limits.But users don’t like it because they want more space now and only that can be achieved is external storage.

External Storage

External according to users is better but it also have drawbacks because you can lost your chip or it can become unusable because their reliability is not that up to the mark.So the third option left is cloud storage which is liked by both manufacturers and users.

Cloud Storage

Many types of cloud storage are available now a days Apple have their default iCloud and Microsoft have their One Drive each of them provide you different storage options free and paid.All of them can be synchronized with their devices on ecosystem including Google’s Android also.

Now companies are thinking of making cloud storage more better because users just have to provide their logins and their data will be sync to all devices that are connected to that system.Only one drawback is that the availability of internet that are still not widely available in some countries.

Cloud storage also have security concerns if some one gets your ID Password then all of your data can be visible that is the main problem companies are concerned about.Besides developing better cloud systems now internal storage is getting the change and the new future is 3D NAND technology.

3D NAND Technology

With the 3D NAND technology there is no limit to storage you can add as many extra 3D layers and its storage will keep expanding.Rather then having single layer of storage now 3D layers will be added which will be further customized to add more layers for expanding the storage.

It will cost more then any of the storage devices but results will be better at the end it will also increase read/write system of the storage.But as storage will increase people will want other accessories to be much better like 4K better videos and pictures which have better satisfaction to users.

We don’t know when this system will be implemented and used in the smartphones but it will change the storage industry in devices for that we have to wait and see where technology is taking us.


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