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Simple Content Writing Apps That Will Ease Your Work

Content writing is in demand nowadays if you are a writer then you need some tools to manage your work today we have 3 best content writing apps for you have a look at them.

Almost every profession online needs some kind of writing which includes blogging, technical writing, photography, and programming.Out of all of them, blogging is hitting the charts there is a huge demand for content writers on freelancing networks.

These apps are developed to make your life and writing easy.The best app out of these will depend on your genre of writing, for example, the best app for blogger may not be best for the photographer it will depend on your work and other things which make an app best we are presenting these as best according to their common functionality.

Some like to work without any distraction while some want to have references and other materials to convey their message in their writing form.

Best Content Writing Apps

Scrivener 2Simple Content Writing Apps That Will Ease Your Work

It is one of the best writing apps or software available for both Windows and Mac.It is not free available at an affordable rate of $45 which is cheaper and flexible to use.It is very well structured and gives you lots of features for menus, buttons, formatting tools, keywords research and annotations.If you are a new user then it has a built in guide future like tutorials which will help you.

iA Writer

Simple Content Writing Apps That Will Ease Your Work

It is a simple writing application which aims to provide distraction-free writing to writers.Available at $9.99 it is one of the simplest application available for writers who just want to write.It features are limited and best for those who knows some bit of coding like embedding pictures and tables using markup code.But is only available for Mac and its app for iOS devices will cost around $3.99.

Final Draft

Simple Content Writing Apps That Will Ease Your Work

If you are a professional screenwriter then this application is for you the main selling point of this app are its formats which are for screenwriters like screenplays, teleplays, stage plays and a feature that makes your script read by the program loud and clear.

It is available on both Mac and Windows and is expensive from most of the applications available in the market it will cost you $249.99 which is expensive but worth investing if you are a professional writer.

These are 3 Simple Content Writing Apps that will help you in your work choose the one which helps you in your niche.We know the list is limited to 3 only there will be more posts on content writing apps because there is much online work now which needs content writing.

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