Sending and Receiving Text Messages From Any Device Easy Way

Sending and Receiving Text Messages on any devices is pretty nowadays because of lots of apps around which will help you to do this today we will be talking about a simple app that can be installed on any device.

Imagine you are working on your laptop and your smartphone is in your jeans pocket and you are receiving texts and feel lazy to take out the phone and then reply.This happens to most of the people who work on PC and Laptops a lot we all want things to do fast.

And now as technology is rapidly growing there are many ways you can do that Apple and Microsoft are already providing this system but you need to be on their system.

For example, you need to have Macbook and iPhone to be sync with each other and in the same way, you need to have Windows 10 Laptop and Windows 10 phone to be sync with each other so you can reply to texts and check the notifications on your PC or laptop.

Android users don’t have the luxury of ecosystem what Apple and Microsoft users enjoy but they have third party alternates which will help them in Sending and Receiving Text Messages between devices.And it would be sync between multiple devices not in one system.

Google have tried their best with apps like Talk, Hangouts, Allo and Duo but somehow they never managed to impress their users because something was always missing.Most of the messaging apps

Most of the messaging apps that let users sync between devices are costly but app we are here to cover is free and not charge you unless you want extra features.The app we are talking about is called Mighty Text which is available on every device from mobile, tablets to Windows and MAC.

Sending and Receiving Text Messages With Mighty Text

Mighty Text for Phone

The mighty text is a bit different from other messaging apps the app does not list any message on your phone this will still require another app to sync the messages and show it to you.Which is good and bad both because some people would like to hide messages on their phone and reply from other place and it’s a bad thing because some users don’t want to waste their time launching another app to reply.

Sending and Receiving Text Messages From Any Device Easy Way

When you first start the app it will ask for your Google credentials sign in with it allow the permissions.If you would like to view the messages on native apps for desktop or any other device you can view the link where you can view messages on other devices.

Other than that, settings are pretty simple you can easily sync messages between devices In this way you can not only reply to messages from other devices you will also receive WhatsApp notifications.

Mighty Text for Tablets

Sending and Receiving Text Messages From Any Device Easy Way

The tablet app is pretty simple it has a nice UI and list of messaging you can attach files and paid option is available for scheduled messaging.Tap on the hamburger icon to see a list of other features which are paid and some are free.

Mighty Text on PC

Sending and Receiving Text Messages From Any Device Easy Way

On PC and MAC you will have the classic interface of left column options and on the right side, you will see the functionality of the option you select.You can see all messages together and reply to them one by one it is better if you are busy working.You can also ring your phone if you can’t find it same as someone ringing you.

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If you are an Android user and want a feature of Sending and Receiving Text Messages from any device then you should use Mighty Text.

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