Samsung Gear S2 Hands On Smartwatch Review

Samsung gear S2 smartwatch has two versions one is known as classic S2 and one is just S2 both are different in design and specifications lets see what is the difference and which one is better for you.

The one difference you will find here on classic version is that its look more like a real watch like the classic designs you have seen from traditional watch brands.The external designs you will find in these watch are totally different otherwise the inside running things are almost same.

The Classic version of this smartwatch have the same type of rotating bezel that you are seeing in most of the smartwatches.It has a sharp display and a long battery life so you don’t have to worry about the usage time.

samsung gear s2 smartwach

See this image the Samsung Gear S2 Classic one is looking more like the original one don’t think its not smartwatch it is whereas the S2 simple version is more like a smartwatch and new designs look which teens will prefer.In basic version it has a steel body with and a rubber band but on the other side the classic version have leather band and a glossy steel body which looks more attractive and stylish.

S2 gear classic

When it comes to design the classic version is worth buying because it has the traditional design of a watch which almost every men would like to have on hand.With the elegant style it is giving you all the smart features that we all want in watches now a days.This type of design suits when you go out in a formal dress the basic design suits only on casual type of dresses.

Difference Of Samsung Gear S2 Classic and Basic Versions

Plus Points

  • More stylish then basic S2 Gear.
  • You have to pay just $50 more in price of basic version.
  • Perfect size not so big not too small.
  • Virtual keyboard option.
  • Works with almost all android phones.
  • Leather band.

Negative Points 

  • Third party apps selection problems.
  • Voice assistant problems.
  • No Scheduling options for events.
  • Can’t make voice calls.

Overall we would say Gear S2 Classic is worth buying because of the style which is better then the basic version it is now available to buy you can order online from any of your favorite online stores.

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