Remove Prisma Watermark From The Images

Remove Prisma Watermark from the latest photo editing app that have taken the internet by storm as we have already discussed about Prisma and you must have used it before.

It has filters that can transform your pictures and applying them with famous painter filters you can take your photos apply effects and then share it with your friends. Prisma transforms your photos into art work of the famous painters like Munk,Picasso and some world famous patterns and ornaments.

It combines neutral network into artificial intelligence and then helps you turn your memorable pictures into timeless art.Turning photos into artwork is making crazy everyone on the social media and everyone is sharing their art photos on the social sites like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

After Pokemon Go Prisma is the most used app across the iPhone and Android devices these both apps have taken the usage of these devices to new level and millions of people are now using it.

Remove Prisma Watermark

Prisma have crossed millions of downloads after the success on iPhone its now available for the Android users which have help the app to reach every common person.Because Android devices are owned by almost every person in the world.

Whenever you edit your photos in the Prisma photo editing area it will have the companies water mark on the picture if that watermark is disturbing you and you want to have a clear image then you have come to the right place read steps below to find out how you can remove it.

  • Open the Prisma App.
  • Tap on the settings icon which is on the right hand side.
  • Toggle the watermark button to off.
  • Tap the side icon to return to the main screen.
  • Next time you will take pictures or edit them you won’t have a watermark on them.

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