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Remove Duplicate Files Folders With This Simple App

Remove Duplicate Files Folders by using this simple tool Remove Empty Directories for Windows which is available for free and can be run on Windows 7,8,10.

A computer can store a large amount of data for processing later it makes cache files so it does not have to load that specific file again and again.Sometimes it can make duplicate files which will eat up our storage space this usually happens with Windows operating systems.

It can make duplicate files in terms of broken shortcuts unused bookmarks and left traces of uninstalled software’s which may end up using lots of storage space.They can also slow down our system because of the duplicate files and extra unnecessary files on hard disk we need to remove all of them.

Remove Duplicate Files Folders

Finding them and removing them one by one is not a simple task it will take time and chances are you might not clean all of them.That’s why some handy tools are available we will be telling you tools according to their specialty which is available for free and can be installed on all major running Windows versions.

Empty Folders Clean Up

First is to clean empty folders we will be using a free software called Remove Empty Directories it will display all empty folders and then show you which one you want to delete and which one to keep.Just select those which are unnecessary and clean your system.

Duplicate Files

It’s a major issue in Windows OS reason can be any we even can’t trace all the duplicate files manually so we need to use a small application for that which is called Deep Guru it is available for Mac and Ubuntu also but because we are concentrating on Windows select the Windows version and download it.

After downloading run the software and you will see a very clean interface it can find files according to file name or file types you can move files to other location if you don’t want to delete them.

Folder Duplication Removal

Just like duplicate files chances of duplicate folder creation are also high when you download lots of things or install lots of unnecessary programs.To delete them you just need a small software called V Folder Dups its a free program and can easily scan all your duplicate folders.

Broken Shortcuts Removal

Shortcuts can be broken in two ways either you have moved your destination files to somewhere else or removed a program these small shortcuts can also take some space you need to find them and remove them.You just need a small program called Broken Shortcut Fixer which can do the job for you.

Fix Broken Bookmarks

Broken bookmarks may not take lots of space but we need to remove them too there is a small app available AM Dead Link it’s free to download it and use it.

These were some of the common problems like remove duplicate files folders of Windows if you want to fix Windows 10 issues then see our How To Fix Windows 10 issues post.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. tina rodrigo

    August 24, 2016 at 11:17 am

    Thank you very much Alikhan, for your nice post,
    You did a good job. But I think you missed one great software brother, DuplicateFileDeleter, I personally used this software, it worked well. Please use Duplicate files deleter,it is very simple to use. But make it sure to keep the important files in back up.
    Thanks every informationtechnews follwers for your valuable times.

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