Prisma On Android Guide And Review Of The App

Prisma On Android Guide is not about using it its about its review and why you should use it and why everyone is going mad about Prisma read all about it below.

Prisma is one of the hottest apps these days its one of the first in the market to use neutral network and artificial intelligence together to provide you image and artistic effect.

It was first launched in June for iOS device and later in July it was available for all Android based devices Prisma is using complicated machine algorithm to create a unique image in the style of Munk,Picasso.

Prisma On Android Guide

Prisma is a boom on Android based systems after the success of Pokemon Go this is the second most used App on the system because it allows around 30 filters to choose from after applying the filters you can easily share these pictures to your social media accounts or your own gallery.

Why Prisma?

This is the question in everyone’s mind why you should use Prisma over other photo editing apps answer behind this question is it uses artificial intelligence to process and design each picture based on the filters.

Prisma uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to change each photo according to their terms and conditions Prisma can use your photos but they will belong to you so its not much of privacy problem.

Prisma now is a basic ad free app but it has sponsored filters as revenue generating models in future they are going to share users data with advertisers for advertising purposes.

How To Use Prisma

1.Take New Photos

  • After downloading open Prisma App.
  • Capture any image.
  • Select the filters you want to apply from horizontal list.
  • After applying the filter share it on Facebook,Twitter or Instagram.

2.Editing Exciting Image

  • Select any image from the gallery option will be at the bottom right.
  • Apply the filter from the list and select the effect.
  • Save the image to your chosen destination or share it on social media.

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