Petes Dragon Disney AR App To Compete With Pokemon Go

Petes Dragon Disney AR App is new venture between Disney and Google they want to compete with the latest Pokemon Go and create more fun with same type of interface.

Disney have come up with the new idea that will beat Pokemon Go well, we can’t exactly say it will beat it but its an idea that will definitely loved by all who are using Pokemon Go.They have released an AR app that will show dragon in reality world.

The app is powered by Google dev team for the startup process Google dev team have employed Cloud Vision to identify objects in the project field.For example app can sense chairs,tables,lamps,couches,chairs,beds and other natural environment around you.

Once it recognizes them it will then generate a CGI dragon that will interact with them perfect for kids but will be loved by everyone because its something new that have not been done before.

Petes Dragon Disney AR App

This app uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to correctly identify the objects this is the same technology Google is using to to detect people emotions from photograph.This is a great idea to bring back the vintage film which was famous and now will be famous because of the new technology that both Google and Disney have introduced.

If you thought what will be after Pokemon Go then this is the next step in the tech world slowly we are moving towards digital world days are near when we will be using more apps like these because these will be easily used on VR devices.

Virtual reality is the next big thing in the Information Technology industry as world is moving to new direction you must have seen new curriculum of Universities which is related to VR designing and developing.Petes Dragon Disney AR App is available at this link.

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