Night Shift On Mac- How to enable it and features

Night Shift On Mac is the feature that will change colors of your screen to warmer colors at evening hours this function was available in iPhone and iPads and now Macbooks too have it.

Macbooks are one of the best selling laptops in the world because of their design and brand name of Apple these are available in different sizes and shapes with their own unique features that you may not get on other platform laptops.

These are available in two different versions Macbook Air and Macbook Pro both of these versions have smaller and bigger sizes available depending on your choice and necessity.

These are designed keeping in mind the educational and consumer market they will not only impress you by design their operating system Mac OS X is worth seeing but from few months its sale is declining because of new Windows 10 features that are updated weekly.

Night Shift On Mac

This was the long awaited feature that every Apple fan wanted since it was introduced in iPhone and iPads every Mac user wanted it for their laptops.In the latest release of Mac OS Sierra 10.12.14 Apple have introduced the Night Shift to make it easy for your eyes.

So you can work late comfortably, Night Shift on Mac whill change your Mac’s color temperature it will change from harsh blue to warmish yellow to protect your eyes and reducing eye strain.

How to Enable Night Shift On Mac

There are two different ways in which you can use Night Shift feature one is to schedule it and other is to enable it manually.

Manually Enabling Night Shift

If you want to try out the night shift feature to look how it works then you can use it manually later you can use its automatic feature.Just follow the steps below and enable the night shift feature manually on your Macbooks.

  • Turn on your Macbook
  • On the right corner you will see Notifcations Button click on it
  • Then navigate to the center of the notifcations
  • Click on the Night Shift click on it to enable/disable options

After trying it you will love to work it automatically that can be done with Night Shift Scheduling options which can be done by following these steps.

Automatic Enabling Night Shift

  • Open your Application or Dock Folder
  • Open System Prefrences option
  • Tap on Displays option
  • There you will see Night Shift tab click on it
  • From the drop down menu you can choose the schedule of your night shift mode either choose night to morning or some other custom option you like.
  • If you are going to select the custom night shift option then make sure its the night time otherwise you won’t be able to see much in the day time.

We hope you will like this tutorial you can find more Apple related tutorials from our Apple category.Stay tuned for more Appple related tutorials and news that will help you in your daily routine.

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