MSI GT72S G Tobii Eye Tracking Gaming Notebook

MSI GT72S G Tobii is the new product by the company which will have the eye tracking system specially designed for the gaming freaks check out its features below.

MSI is one of the top companies that produces Gaming laptops and PC’s and Gaming hardware at the CES 2016 they have revealed their latest gaming notebook.The MSI GT72S G Tobii includes eye tracking technology it will translate eye movements into commands of specific games and apps.

Tobii is a Swedish company which have been working on this project from so many years company is already selling eye tracking hardware’s for PC market.Those who were looking for the same type of technology in their laptops should now check the latest MSI GT72S G Tobii which have this technology.

MSI GT72S G Tobii

As you can see at the bottom area of the screen IR illuminators can be seen with red lights these will detect your movements.It has 17.3 inch 1080 p display which is perfect for gaming laptop experience it has backlit color keyboard with smooth user experience.

It has the sixth generation 2.70 GHZ Intel Core i7 K Processor with Nvidia GTX 900M GPU to have the high graphics game play and HD video live streaming.It has DDR4 32 GB Ram with 256 GD SSD and 1 TB HDD storage available.You can also connect dual 4K external monitors with it to have the big screen Game Play in 4K Blu Ray and USB 3.0 are also available.

It also has 3 W speakers with dedicated subwoofer that will help you to have the best Gaming experience with great sound quality.Not just gaming you can enjoy 4K movie experience in high quality with this notebook it also has 3D sound softwares builtin for entertainment and gaming purposes.

This technology is usable in most of the new games that are launching now just like Assassin’s Creed  in most of the other games also Tobbii technology will help you to control the in game area without using your hands.MSI GT72S G Tobii starting price is US$2,600 you can order online from MSI.

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