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Iphone 6s vs Samsung S6 Comparison Head To Head

Today i will show Iphone 6s vs Samsung S6 complete comparison we will be comparing hardware and specs side by side to know how both smartphones can satisfy their users.

I have shown you Galaxy Note 5 Vs Moto X but that was android devices comparison today my post is about IOS device vs Android device both leader in mobile market.As we all know Apple announced Iphone 6s recently it is now open for pre orders.Iphone 6s biggest competitor is the Samsung’s Galaxy S6,

How The Phones Will Be Compared  

We will be comparing the phones by their size,weight,build,body,color,display screen and some other hardware specs,So lets start the comparison with the help of images.

Iphone 6s vs Samsung S6 Side By Side

Size of devices

size comparison of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

As we can see the I phone 6s is little shorter in height from Samsung’s S6 and its other version S6 edge both android devices are bigger then the Apple Iphone 6s.

Both Samsung S6 and S6 edge are wider than Iphone 6s means I phone is more thicker than these two devices.The Iphone 6s is littler bit more thicker than the last years Iphone 6.But all three of them are very thin smartphones.

Weight Of Smartphones 

weight of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

The android devices are lighter then the Apple’s Iphone 6s S6 edge is the most lightest among these.Like the size the weight also have some minor difference not much.

Back Sides 

back side of iphons6s vs samsung s6

Here both phones differ the Apple Iphone 6s have the aluminum back with beautiful colors and Samsung is using glass in both versions of S6.


frame of iphone6s vs samsung s6

The Iphone 6s have all body covered with aluminium weather its back or sides frame its aluminium all around.But Samsung S6 has it only on its edges because its back is covered with glass.

Available Colors 

colors of iphone6s vs samsung s6

Apple added rose gold color this year in the previous versions it was only silver,gold and gray.Samsung also has the gold edition and other colors are same as their previous versions.

Screen Size 

screen size of iphones6s vs samsung s6

The Iphone 6s has the same 4.7 display size as it was in Iphone 6 on the other side Samsung S6 have the 5.1 inch screen means more area on screen than the Iphone 6s.

Screen Resolution 

screen of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

The Samsung S6 is much sharper then the Apple’s Iphone 6s the Samsung have more pixels then the Apple’s as you can see Samsung have 577 ppi pixels with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 while Apple had just 1334 x 750 with 326 ppi.It doesn’t mean that Apple phone is lesser in quality it depends on OS and Specs how they ran.

Display Screen Type

display type of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

Well both have the same screen types that are coming in from the start.

3D Touch 

3d touch of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

One of the new biggest selling feature in Apple products its the 3D touch display option.Some of you may not need this feature and haven’t seen it before.It was introduced by Apple in Apple Watch and the latest Macbooks.It is a innovative new feature that you will like as the company showed.

It will provide more multi touch options it will be easier for you to view images or see emails by just pressing and it will show you further inside the apps.

Fingerprint Sensor 

fingerprint sensor of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

Both have fingerprints touch amazing features so both are identical in this field.

Processor Used 

processor iphone 6s vs samsung s6

Apple has’t announced its clock speed and core yet where as you can see the processor specs of Samsung S6.You can not say the Iphone will not perform well because of low numbers in specs.It depends on hardware built combined with Operating System and user experience how they well perform.Besides the low specs tag from the people the Iphone performs much better.


ram of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

Same here Ram was not yet announced by Apple at the time of writing this article.S6 have 3 GB ram which will perform quite well for every user.


storage of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

The entry level S6 have more storage then the Iphone 6s later on both have same storage memory.


camera of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

The Samsung S6 have 16 MP back camera where as Iphone 6s have 12 MP back both have same 5 MP rear camera.

Wireless Charging 

wireless charging of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

Apple hasn’t introduced the wireless charging feature in their products till now.

Operating System 

OS of iphone 6s vs samsung s6

Apple will soon release IOS 9 for the Iphone and will be available in this model.Samsung S6 has the customized version of Lollipop Android.

So this was the Iphone 6s vs Samsung S6 basic comparison I hope you will like this post share it with others so every one can know details about these two smartphones.Like us on FB and Goole + for more reviews and future updates of smartphones.



  1. javeria

    September 28, 2015 at 11:49 am

    Apples operating systems generally break down and need a refit, Apples phones are easily damaged and Apple place so many restrictions on how music and video files can be played or shared. Samsung specs do work, and they do out perform apple consistently.

    • Alikhan

      September 28, 2015 at 12:21 pm

      because apple is not easy for some users in Pakistani market mosly android sets are used that’s why we face difficulty in using IOS

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