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As the year 2017 began and marked the calendars from all over the world, a technology which has changed the phase of the earth celebrated it’s forty-sixth birthday – internet. The internet is a technological advancement made by man almost five decades ago, and it has changed a normal human’s lifestyle completely. From downloading a song to making transactions worth billions of dollars, internet has revolutionized the ways of a common man, and has provided us with the ease we always hoped we would achieve. Internet has grown dramatically over the past few years, and since 2010, the advent of internet has attained an acceleration which has never been seen before. Many companies have been in a rivalry to provide their clients with the best internet service, while making sure they are making good profit out of it.

However, the latest buzzword in town which changed the competition completely and gave a lagging individual internet service provider a chance to stand out in cluster of competition is fiber option internet. Fiber option internet, or in simpler words, high-speed internet offers people with all the same features. Then, how is it better than the old and orthodox internet connections?
 Internet Service Provider in OmanWhat is Fiber Optic Internet?


Simple, it provides people with the same features, but at a lightning fast speed. This internet is based on a cable called the fiber optic cable. Fiber Optic is basically a networking cable that is manufactured from strands of glass fibers – which are combined in a casing. When compared to an old-school wired cable, fiber optic has the ability to offer a higher bandwidth and longer distance networking.


This internet cable is primarily designed for high-speed telecommunication purposes. High speed internet service providers are toe-to-toe and they are running a race against each other – to become the best the field. Countries like the US or UK are flooded with best fiber optic internet providers. These companies operate from all over the world, however, they do not provide equal services in every part of the world. Let us discuss some of these firms!


Verizon Foist:

A company which began back in 2005 and started their expansion in 2010, Verizon Foist is one of the first carriers which started providing fiber optic internet for domestic use. The Foist in the name is an acronym for Fiber Optic Service, and the company is the largest internet service provider in the US – as it covers the area of almost 10 different US states. They offer a variety of different plans, most of which fall in the budget of an average bread earner in the States.

Comcast Xfinity:

Comcast is one of the best when it comes to cable broadband services. The firm provides these services in over 40 states all over the US. It has become the largest provider of cable broadband in terms of the area it covers, and they offer a number of different plans for their customers. These plans range from 10 megabytes per second, and can go up to 2 gigabytes per each second.


AT&T Internet:

When it comes to the best internet service in US and many other countries, AT&T Internet is renowned for its proficiency. This brand provides their services to over 22 different states in the US, and they offer fixed wireless internet and fiber optic internet as well. Apart from their economic DSL broadband, they have specified different plans for each and every sort of service their provide, which concurrently fall in the budget of every single person.


Charter Spectrum:

More commonly known as Spectrum, Charter Communications basically started off as a telecommunication company, and they have expanded their reach to over 15 states of the US. The firm offers broadband internet service to their clients, and have also been termed as one of the best fiber optic internet providers in the states. Like any other competitor, they also offer a number of different packages for their clients, all ranged at a minimal price.Internet Service Provider in Oman


How to Choose a Fiber Optic Internet Provider?


Speed Evaluation:

One of the main things a customer needs to do when choosing a fiber optic internet service provider is evaluate the speed that they are offering. Savvy internet users need to understand that there are firms out there who do not offer fiber optic internet, but only a fast orthodox internet connection. Moreover, some firms might not be able to deliver the speed which is expected from a fiber optic connection.



The pricing needs to be nominal. Although fiber optic is the new generation of internet connections, it is still minimally priced. One of the major reasons behind this is that there are heaps and bounds of companies who have started offering this internet technology, and in order to stand out in this competition, most companies have kept the pricing criterion low and minimal.



The aftermath when the connection has been installed is one of the most important things which you need to take care of. Customers need to choose a firm which can provide 24/7 maintenance services, in order to make sure that the internet is always up and running. Moreover, if you’re running a business such as a BPO, internet is one of the most important things which need to be fixed all the time.


The Bottom Line:


High speed internet service providers have revamped their technology, and they now operate from all over the world. However, in some parts of the world such as Oman, people are still not getting the high speed internet which they might be looking forward to.


The backwardness of technology may be one reason, but another common reason that the Sultanate is still not blessed with abundant fiber optic internet services is because companies have not received the fame they deserve. Many companies, such as Awasr are working to better the conditions of internet in Oman – hence, choosing a good fiber optic internet provider in Oman might not be as daunting as it was before!

Internet Service Providers In Oman

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