Install Android Apps on ChromeBooks Easy Way Tutorial

ChromeBooks recently got feature update and now it can install Android Apps from PlayStore today we have tutorial for you that will help you to install your favorite apps.

Chromebooks are the new trends of tech gadgets now a days they have over come netbooks and tablets and used mostly for online activities.They are light weight beautiful in design and available at low prices then laptops recent research shown increase in sale of Chromebooks.

Because not every one is a tech geek if your usage is limited to entertainment and online then its best to buy Chromebooks.It has Google Chrome OS which have all the day to day function apps for you browsing,watching online movies playing online games and using office related apps.

How To Install Android Apps on ChromeBooks

On Google I/O 2016,Google have announced that soon Chromebook users will be able to use Android Apps this is huge for developers and users because PlayStore is huge market and have millions of Apps.But it will depend on the comp-ability of the device right now only Asus Chromebook Flip is compatible.

  • First enable Dev channel in your Chromebook this should be enable in your latest version of Chrome OS do it at your own risk because it had some problems.
  • Now go to settings and click on About Chrome OS then on More Info then click on Change Channel and then select Developer-Unstable and click Change Channel to confirm your selection.
  • Restart your Chromebook and after it will turn on you will see Google PlayStore Icon.
  • Now you have to enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook to do this go to settings and select Enable Android Apps to Run On Chromebook.
  • Now all you have to do is open PlayStore and start downloading your favorite Android Apps.

As we mentioned this is only available on limited Chromebook versions so you have to wait for your Chromebook to be updated to this feature.

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