Huawei Watch Android Wear Hands On

Huawei is launching the Huawei Watch its new tech gadget aiming to raise the Android wrist wear.The smart watch is available for pre order now pricing starts around $340 and its one of the finest android watches it has a 4 inch Amoled screen panel.

At the Mobile world congress in march 2015.Huawei announced that they will be launching a better android watch.It is one of the most elegant smartwatch built for the people it has a circular circular display.

Huawei Android Watch Hands OnHuawei Android Watch Hands On

It is made from the 316L grade stainless steel which looks more of a luxury style.Many of the smartwatch brands have not considered about the design.But Huawei have done the design work with more care and more of a luxury style look.It is more than 30 percent stronger than non forged steel.Its scratch resistant so don’t worry about the body.

Huawei Android Watch Hands On

The back is also covered with metal unlike the other smart watch brands they put the plastic at the back.But as I told you before Huawei Watch is more of a luxury smart watch.It will not look like a kidy or some kind of a teenage watch.Older age men and luxury style which is also the traditional style of wrist watch will love this design.It is the first android smart watch  which is covered with sapphire crystal glass.

Huawei Android Watch Hands On

In United States you will have the option to choose between the three styles provided.The polished stainless steel will be around $340 and around $400 for the stainless link bracelet style.

Huawei Android Watch Hands On

If you go for more price you will get more options in this gadget like stainless steel carbon coating and matching link bracelet these type of features will cost you around $440.

Huawei Android Watch Hands On

If you want more of a luxury design in this then you can get the rose gold plated model with leather strap at $700 and with a matching link bracelet will cost $800.

Huawei Android Watch Hands On

On its face its 42 mm area to look at it which mostly smart watches don’t have.It will provide the better user experience and also the luxury traditional style that most of the watch lovers look for.

Huawei Android Watch Hands On

The 300 mAh battery will provide power for almost two days with most of the usage.So it has a good battery life as we know Huawei smart phones also have the better battery then others.Recharging can take almost two hours after that you can enjoy this gadget for almost two days.

Now lets talk about the Hardware inside it has a 1.2 GHz snapdragon 400 processor powering its mind.With that you will have 512 MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage.Wifi and blue tooth are also available.It also has the movement tracking and the accelerometer.

So if you like big dial and luxury traditional style now you have the Huawei watch providing you the design you love and with that the power of android.The round shaped dial is one of the better feature of this design because most of the smartwatches are in square shape.For professional and luxury look I would say huawei watch is much better than its competitors.

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