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How To Access Safe Mode In Windows 10 To Repair

Safe Mode In Windows 10 can be helpful in many ways when you have to perform some actions which current environment is not allowing see steps.

Safe Mode option is in Windows systems from long time and its always helpful to repair system when some error occurs.In Windows XP days when ever the virus hits the system it freezes the environment and will not allow you to use some features.

Then we all used the backup system by accessing the Safe Mode option and even deleting some of the viruses.Later versions of the Windows become more powerful and with the launch of Windows 8 virus was not effecting the environment much.

But still now and then we need to perform some actions that only Safe Mode can do it so in just simple steps you can access the safe mode in windows 10.

Safe Mode is run with limited resources using less drivers and no startup programs initially starts when you log in to Windows.That’s why its fast and easy to repair system when there is no software running accepts Windows features in the process.

Why We Use Safe Mode

  • To Repair Your System
  • To Use Directory Services Restore
  • To Access Debugging Mode
  • To disable automatic restart on failure
  • To check low resolution
  • To check the last known good options

Safe Mode In Windows 10

Method is same as previous versions of Windows just one or two steps will be different you can access it in the following ways:

  1. By Power Options.
  2. By Advanced Startup Option.
  3. By Command Prompt feature.
  4. By Restarting.

From Power Options

  • Press Windows key.
  • Click on the Power button.
  • You will see Shutdown,Sleep and Restart now press Shift key and press restart option.

Safe Mode In Windows 10

Then you will see these options click on the Advanced Options.

Safe Mode In Windows 10

Now Troubleshoot this will display more options.

Safe Mode In Windows 10

Now on the next screen you will be displayed with lots of options you can repair your Windows from all of the useful options.Click on the startup settings to move in to the Safe Mode running options which will be displayed to you on the next screen.

Safe Mode In Windows 10

You can choose the 4th option to run the Safe Mode.

These are the simple steps to access Safe Mode In Windows 10 there are more ways to access this feature we will cover them later.

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