Google Search App Now Shoes How Long You Stay At Certain Location

Google Search App is one of the most used search App across all platforms but more specifically for Android devices latest update now allow you to see how much time you spend at certain location.

Google wants to make your life easier with more productive updates in their apps and with new apps that will launched in some months.Google search app can find places related to business or some other category it will show their opening and working hours with picture,reviews and more.

Its an very handy tool it does have SEO benefits as a webmaster and business owner you want to be displayed in search results with all your company profile.

With the recent update Google is adding more cool features to their Google Search App now you will see option for ” “Plan Your Visit” this will allow you to see how much time you have spent on certain location.

You can benefit from this option in many ways you can remember why you have spent so much time to a place was it useful besides your work place there can be many places where you have spent time.

You can organize your work and schedule in better way because now you will know where you have spent most time and where you were just visiting for least time.

If you have spent 30 minutes to a bar that means it was not that entertaining and if you have spent time to a place that was not useful you should consider shorting your stay there next time.

Google search app have become more productive in recent time it was a simple app when it was launched but now you can use it in many ways.As the launched of Android N which is Android Nugget is near more cool features will be launched we have to wait and see what more features will be launched by Google.

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