Google Now On Tap Getting Updates With New Features

Google Now On Tap is not much popular feature on Android systems but there is a update that will force you to use this feature read the details and find about this update.

Google is working hard to make every feature useful the most ignored feature is Google Now On Tap which will be better after this update.Over the past few weeks update there were options available for text selection and ability to perform image search.

Google Now On Tap New Features

New features that will be rolled and have been out for some users is new rows of shortcuts quick actions and ability to search for near by places.

Quick Actions will give access to different tasks like creating reminders,alarms,events,setting timers and navigation from home to work clicking on the shortcut will open the same interface as it would open with voice commands.

Second row of shortcut is about near by places like cafes,restaurants,bars,gas filling stations etc you can click any of your choice and find where these are located near you.

These two shortcuts will only appear if you have enabled the Now on Tap feature on Home Screen otherwise it won’t display anything.

Google have rolled out this update to make Android user experience much better and productive so we don’t have to waste much time now everything is on tap of our fingers.

Before the release of Android N there will be lots of features and updates on Apps and Android system still name of the new version is not finalized but features are coming almost every day.

These updates will help Android to become much stronger in the mobile world they are already on the top now in some parts of the world because of their cheap and low prices and ability to be installed on any device that supports its hardware requirements.

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