Find Lost Android Device Using Find My Device

Find My Device is a useful app developed by Google itself it will help you to recover or find your lost Android mobile/tablet read more to find out how.

Google has so many useful official apps that will help you a lot find my device is one of the most useful apps that you should have installed on your device it will not only help you to find your device, in fact, you can also erase your data or lock the device if it’s get stolen.

But to use it there are some requirements:

  • The device should be on.
  • It should be connected to the internet in the form of Wifi or mobile data.
  • It should be signed into your Google account.
  • The location should be turned on.
  • The device should be visible in PlayStore.
  • Find My Device App should be turned on.Find Lost Android Device Using Find My Device

Follow these few steps to recover your phone when lost or stolen.

It’s important to set the Android Find My Device properly so you can easily track your device in case of emergency.Setting it requires some few steps open settings then tap Google and Security make sure that “Allow remote lock and erase” and “Remotely locate this device” options are turned on.

Suppose Your Device is Lost?

If your device is lost and you have followed all the instructions above then on your computer log onto this link and sign in with your Google account which was associated with the mobile.

Click on the lost device at the top of the screen it will show the list of devices which are connected to your google account.Now if your device is connected to the internet Google will show it’s geographical location it will show the exact location so you can easily trace the stolen device.

If you have lost your device and even if it’s in silent mode you can click on Play Sound and the device will make a sound so you can find the device if it’s stolen then there will be no use of this sound playing feature you can only find through location.

If it’s stolen and you can’t find it you should consider “Erase and lock option” and let it go at least you can erase your data.

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