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External Storage Program Installation On Windows 10

External Storage Program Installation is one of the features you can use in Windows 10 to install your apps on external storage devices read the guide.

Windows 10 have lots of latest features that are useful for end user and one of them is External Storage Program Installation.When Windows 8 was launched it was the first full functioned OS for dual functioning laptops like the one’s which can be converted to tablet from laptop.

Then the netbooks and ultra books were launched some of them had less internal space to make the device use for entertainment purposes.Windows 8 had the options to install your apps at the external storage space it can be external hard drive or SD card.

What Is External Storage

These are the devices that can store information temporarily for transporting data from one device to another.But you can use them as your permanent storage device too some of the new hard disk designs are external some Wifi external hard disk storage is also available.

To use Windows 10 external storage program installation feature you need to do these simple steps:

External Storage Program Installation

1.Connect your external storage device if its SD card it can be inserted inside the Laptop or SD card reader if its an external hard disk then it can be attached via USB port.

2.Click on start search settings click on it.

Settings in windows 10

3.When the above options appear click on system.

Storage options windows 10

4.In the system you will see many options click on storage on the right hand side you will see your external storage media it can be hard disk or SD card.If there no external device is shown make sure it is connected and working properly.

Storage windows 10

5.Scroll down until you find the “New Apps Will Be Save To” choose your device and you’re done just click on apply.Don’t change the “New Documents” or other further options to other storage media unless you are out of space completely.

Note:- This process will work only on new installations .

Need Of External Storage

You will only need external storage if you have less internal storage laptops that some manufactures have launched if you are using a complete laptop with lots of internal space you don’t need to do this.Now a days laptops are with almost 1 TB of hard disk.

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