Easy Way To Install Amazon App Store on Android

Install Amazon App Store on Android by following this easy tutorial and enjoy all the amazing apps and games available on Amazon Store on your Android device.

Android already has the best app store in the world known as PlayStore but thanks to the open source platform which supports competition you can try other market places like Amazon on Android also.

It’s not a threat to PlayStore if someone uses other marketplaces because Google owns PlayStore and other services people use other marketplaces just to see what other marketplaces are offering.

Amazon App Store is slightly lower in ranking than Windows App Store so you must be asking the question why to use Amazon App Store?

Why Amazon App Store

We all know Amazon App Store lacks lot’s of features and its apps are far behind the PlayStore apps it’s also not secure like Android’s PlayStore.PlayStore has everything you need all the new apps are first available on PlayStore so there is no need to use Amazon App Store right?

But there are some certain users who would like to try some new services which are only available at Amazon App Store.Amazon App Store might not have a greater number of apps but it does have all the popular and latest apps available in the market.

Another reason to use Amazon App Store is to claim the free stuff available on store Amazon claims they have over $20,000 of free apps, games and in app purchases for free.

The free content is not lower quality stuff which anybody hasn’t heard of it includes popular stuff like Office Suite Pro 8, Monument Valley, Duck Tales and Castle of Illusion.Popular game Angry Birds in app purchases are also free on Amazon App Store.

Amazon uses Jetpack Joy Ride as an example on its website it claims that it will cost you $41.15 on PlayStore and it’s completely free on Amazon App Store.

Easy Way To Install Amazon App Store on Android

But before you processed further you should know that free apps are only available in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France.If you live in these places then follow the tutorial and use the free apps from Amazon.

Amazon App Store App Installing Tutorial

Enable Unknown Resources

If you have already installed a 3rd party app other than PlayStore then you must have already enabled this option.If you haven’t go to Settings>Security and enable Unknown Resources this is to install Apps which are not from PlayStore but you should know what you are installing.

Amazon Underground APK

You can directly download the APK from this link you have to enter your email address and the link will be emailed to you.

Installing the APK

Easy Way To Install Amazon App Store on Android

Now tap on the installer package to install the file and voila you are now ready to enjoy the free apps available from Amazon.

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