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Easy Way To Get Windows 10 Offline Maps

Windows 10 Offline Maps is the new feature that you can have in the Windows 10 read steps and get your offline maps to use on your Windows 10 device.

Windows 10 have lots of hidden stuff that we don’t know about we have shared some of the stuff that will be quite useful to you before now we will be showing you easy ways to enable the windows 10 offline map feature.If you are a tech geek you must be using your devices while traveling too there are some areas where we can’t find internet.

And if your smartphone dies in the middle of no where then your laptop or tablet will came in rescue if its installed with Windows 10.

Google have made their android devices so flexible now every person can easily navigate through maps that is presented on our smartphones.But as we said before what if the phones dies in the middle of some where and google’s android does not have the feature of complete offline download of map there is limit to it.

Windows 10 uses Bing maps which are not that accurate and easy to use as Google one’s but are quite handy and useful in these types of situations.Windows 10 can download a complete map of a country which you can use later while you are traveling some where.

windows 10 offline maps

Getting Windows 10 Offline Maps

  • Press start button or click on it and click on Maps if its not present there then search for Maps.
  • Click on it and launch it.
  • Maps App will launch click on the settings that is on the left side of the application on the corner side.
  • Click Download & Update maps new settings dialog box will appear.
  • Next window will have the map of 6 continents select the continent where your country is located.
  • After you select the continent a list of countries will be shown with map size you can only download the one’s which are available.
  • When you will select the country its state,cities maps option will be displayed to you.
  • You can select a specific state or city or if you want to download complete country then you can select the download all region option.
  • Maps section will display the current downloading and downloaded maps that you are going to use.
  • You can do lots of stuff from the maps section you can delete a desired map or update it to have the latest updated one.

These are the simple steps you can easily download windows 10 offline for more windows 10 problems check our Windows 10 section.

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