Easy Way To Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Download Instagram Photos and Videos easily on your Android device by following this tutorial and save all your favorite photos on your own device.

Instagram was released on Android platform on 3rd April 2012, since then it has become the one stop app for all the selfie obsessed and Photoholics out there especially girls who like to take their photos and post it on the social media.

Celebs use it to interact with their fans it’s a poison that is in everyone’s veins now to use it and share their photos.One feature that a lot of users have been requesting is the ability to download those photos and videos on their devices because the official app does not have this feature.

Today we have 3 best apps for Android for you which can easily download Instagram photos and videos to your devices.

3 Best Apps To Download Instagram Photos and Videos

1.OG Insta+

Easy Way To Download Instagram Photos and Videos

This is one of the best unofficial apps to download Instagram photos and videos because it looks similar to the official app have all the identical features and has the ability to download photos and videos zoom in/out on any photo the interface is exactly same as the official app.

Tap the three dot button which normally brings the share menu which has the usual options of the original app but you will also see two extra features that are Download and Copy Share URL.Download will store your file to your device media library and Copy Share URL will allow you to share URL of the photo to anyone.

This app also allows zooming in/out by just tapping on the photo or holding it.

This app is not available on PlayStore so you have to download it and transfer files to your device remember to enable the Unknown sources in Settings>Security.

You can download this app from this link.

2.Plug for Instagram

Easy Way To Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Plug for Instagram is not an unofficial app like OG Insta + instead, it is a plugin which will allow extra features on the Instagram app.It provides the download feature and a new feature called Activation Bubbles which upon activating shows a bubble on each edge of the display.

These bubbles are for user references to show that you can swipe from left edge of the screen to quick access of hashtags.

Similarly, swipe right edge of the screen to access to view the profiles you viewed recently.Photos and Videos can be downloaded by tapping the three dot button or Share URL.

This plugin is available on PlayStore you can download it from this link.


Easy Way To Download Instagram Photos and Videos

InstaSaver is an app to download your Instagram media including photos and videos you just have to enable the InstaSaver switch then tick the Insta Save check box to save the media.Launch Instagram and tap the three dot icons on the top and select the Share URL Icon which will allow you to download.

This app may display a warning message that it does not support Android Nougat just ignore that warning and you are free to use the app.Download this app from this link.

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