Easy Content Writing Apps That Will Ease Your Work

Easy Content Writing Apps will ease your work of writing and can be useful in many ways find out the 3 of the best easy content writing apps for you.

Content writing has become a serious profession in the recent years because of the advancement of freelancing platforms and blogging there are more content writers found nowadays.Whether it’s your hobby or profession you need the right tools to make your writing better.

Every writer depending on his niche of writing have some favorite apps of writing which help them in their work.Apps nowadays are more versatile and best chosen are those which can run on top platforms like Windows and Mac and should have the mobile app which can sync the work between app installed on your PC and smartphone.

3-Best Easy Content Writing Apps

1.Adobe Story CC

Easy Content Writing Apps That Will Ease Your Work

Adobe Story CC is different from all the writing apps available when you will see it you will think its for screenwriters.But its real usage will be seen after you use and get things in your own hands.It is for screenwriters who produce direct work and work closely with the production team.


  • Write scripts
  • Describe the shots
  • Dialogue writing on shots and voice-over
  • HTML 5 app

Adobe Story CC is available for one month free after the trial period you need to buy it for $9.99/month.


Easy Content Writing Apps That Will Ease Your Work

It is one of the best feature rich writing apps available for writers will give you a distraction free environment to work.It has features like virtual index cards, library character sheets and much more.It has a clean professional interface which is easy to use available at $59 you can take a trial of 15 days before buying.


Easy Content Writing Apps That Will Ease Your Work

It is available for both Linux and Windows and the best thing about yWriter is that it is available for free.yWriter has tools and structure built for the story and character development.It has a technical design giving writers the technical feel close to their organization.

So these are another 3 Best Easy Content Writing Apps for story writers as we have mentioned in Simple Content Writing Apps the best app for you will depend on your niche of writing it is not necessary that if an app works well for blog writer will also work best for story writers.

So if you are story writer use any of the mentioned apps and make your work better with the help of professional tools.

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