How To Easily Factory Data Reset On Chromecast

Factory Data Reset option is used to wipe away all the things and bring back device to its original form we have an easy tutorial to bring Chromecast to its original shape.

Google is hot and active this season Android Nougat 7.0 will launch soon even on older Nexus devices and two new Nexus devices which are rumored to be launched with the mobile OS.

Not just big devices Google also manufacture small devices like Chromecast which are famous all over the world their Chinese versions are also available in some countries but original one’s are always better.

Chromecast was the beginning of converting your old television to smart TV then later Smart TV powered by Android were launched.Last year Google have launched a new version of their Chromecast which was much better then the previous and much faster in use.

Besides being developed by Google it may cause problem sometimes or you may end up wrong configurations which will result the device to stop its working.If a problem is related to hardware then there is no fix for that unless some expert can do it for you.

Factory Data Reset On Chromecast

But if its a software problem then you can always reset your device in many ways just follow the steps below and reset your device.

  • You need an Android/iOS device with Chromecast application installed on it you must have already installed it if you are a regular Chromecast user.
  • Turn on your Chromecast device and run the application on your mobile/tablet if you have multiple Chromecast then scroll down and select the one which you want to reset.
  • Tap on the three dots button and you will see further more options that you can perform with your device.
  • Go to device settings then again press the three dots button and choose factory reset.
  • You will get conformation about Chromecast factory reset it will take some time and at the end your device will reboot with default settings.

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