Duplicate Files Fixer for Android: Simplest Duplicate File Remover App Review

Smartphones are considered to be an unmitigated part of anyone’s life today. You cannot live even a day without this smart device. You spend lots of your cherished moments with this device, when you use this device as a camera, a music player, searching tool and as a communication tool.

Despite having lot of features this device also has its limitations. The biggest problem which hampers all your activities on your Smartphone is considered to be the storage space issues. Due to this, you cannot download your favorite tracks to listen, you cannot click those best moments of your life or you need to face many such problems.

To deal with the situation Systweak offers you an amazing app called “Duplicate Files Fixer”, which helps you to address duplicate data worries on your smartphone. Duplicate Files Fixer is a duplicate file finder and remover app that scans duplicate data on your Android device and allows you to delete the same to make some precious space.

Duplicate file fixer


Multiple Scanning options: It offers you an option to scan your data in different categories like audio, video, pictures or documents else you can opt for a Full scan of the device.

Duplicate file fixer

Scan documents: Once selected the mode of scanning it takes very less time to display results. It displays all the duplicate data on your device.

Duplicate file

Duplicate document files: It shows duplicate data results in this section in different groups. Here all duplicate data results display in auto mark format. You can ‘Unmark All’ to manually select the files. In other options, you can ‘mark all except first or last in each group’.

Duplicate File

In scanning results section, you can take the backup of all the files you intend to delete or you can directly delete them. Once you hit the ‘Delete Now’ button it displays a message confirming the deletion of the selected files from you.

Shortest Path unselect: Using this feature you can unselect those files from deletion which exist at the shortest path on the storage space of your device. This way you can delete similar files which exist at the longer path of the storage space.


In Settings section you can find the Ignore list and Scan Filters options. Here Ignore list enables you to add or remove files or folders from the scanning process. The files & folders selected in ignored list won’t be scanned. This becomes important when you wish your important data in a particular folder remain untouched.

Duplicate file fixer

In Scan filters option you can change the criteria for searching duplicate files. You can change it according to the file name, size, content, and Zero byte files. You can also include hidden files & folders in full scan.



Benefits of using duplicate files fixer are immense and it is so user-friendly that even novice user can use this app easily. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • It helps you identify and recover precious storage space.
  • It reduces time and efforts for deleting duplicate files.
  • It helps you create backups for important files easily.
  • It reduces file searching time and makes your data more organized.

Duplicate file fixer

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