Dual Speaker Mod on OnePlus 5 Will Boost Your Entertainment

Dual Speaker Mod on OnePlus 5 is one of the hacks you should try if you own a OnePlus 5 which will make your sound experience more entertaining.

Android OEM’s have been neglecting the sound experience for the users they are producing everything outstanding only drawbacks seen in recent years is the sound quality.HTC and Motorolla have tried their best by giving the best sounds on Android devices but because no one reacted to it so they also changed their approach by concentrating on other technical aspects.

But Sony is still the only Android phone manufacturer who is producing dual audio speakers on their flagship mobiles.They may not sound that great but at least they are into the race of sound which other brands are not even considering of trying.

And the latest OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3T both have dual speakers to make the sound more entertaining for you if you want to hear songs in loud.

Every smartphone is producing high-quality ear pieces which have quality sound but sometimes people prefer to hear songs without ear pieces and that is where OnePlus is winning the race but because of a hack.The company didn’t provide dual speakers by default but with a simple hack, you can easily turn your ear pieces into a speaker.

The stereo speaker mod is created by the XDA developers like always the hacks are produced by 3rd parties.

Dual Speaker Mod Tutorial


  • This mod is only for the OnePlus 5 so don’t try this on any other smartphone.
  • Always remember whenever you are trying some hacks or mods your smartphone should be rooted it should also have the TWRP recovery system installed.
  • This mod is compatible with Oxygen OS only so make sure your OnePlus 5 is running on Oxygen OS or custom ROM of this OS.

Things Needed 

Install via TWRP

  • Download the flashable zip file link is given above if you are using Magisk download the second one otherwise use the first link.
  • Transfer your zip files to OnePlus 5.
  • Reboot your smartphone into recovery mode.To do this just power off your phone now press the power button and volume down key together until the phone boots.
  • Once in the recovery mode, you should first create the backup which is recommended.Stock file download link is also given in case you wanted to revert back you can flash using that file.
  • Tap the install button.
  • Find the recently transferred zip file and open it.
  • Swipe to start the flashing process.
  • Tap on reboot at the end.

Manual Installation

  • If you don’t have a custom recovery mode installed on your device you can go with the manual process simply replace the given mixer paths file with original files in your /system/etc/ folder.
  • Transfer the Mixer Paths Stereo file to your OnePlus 5.
  • Open a file browser capable of root operations and rename the mixer_paths_tasha_stereo.xml to mixer_paths_tasha.xml.
  • Copy the file and go to /system/etc folder on your root storage.
  • Paste the files at this destination.
  • Permissions should be RW-R–R–.
  • Reboot the device.

You can use both methods on your OnePlus 5 in case you did something wrong revert back to the previous settings.

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