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Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen Easy Steps

You can Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen easily by just following the simple steps shown its not necessary to disable this feature only for those people who thinks its irritating and causing problems to their work.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 in 2015 now millions of devices including tablets,mobiles and personal computers are running on this operating system.The same operating system is used in both touch screen and non touch screen devices like the previous version Windows 8 most of the things you find in Windows 10 is related to touch work.

Which non touch users find difficult and its some times irritating to use touch systems on personal computers but after much criticism on Windows 8 Microsoft have made Windows 10 much easier to use for personal computers.

Like the options of start full screen or start menu its provides lots of flexibility to end user how he/she may want to use this operating system.There is still one most difficulty faced by Windows 10 users is the lock screen although it is made for touch screens but personal computers usage is not much of problem.

Still some people find it useless sometimes whenever they reboot and lock screen appears.So here we have some useful steps to Disable Windows 10 lock screen its not the recommended option because we will be tweaking into registry.But if you want to really remove this feature then follow the steps.

How to Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen

There are two easy ways to disable windows 10 lock screen the group policy editor and the registry editor lets check one by one after it you decide which one you want to use.

1.Group Policy Editor

This may not work in some of windows editions but this is one of the easiest and simplest method that any person without knowledge of tech can try it.

  • Search for the run dialog program runner either by start menu and searching run or by pressing “Windows +R” keys together.
  • After the dialog appears type “gpedit.msc” (short for the group policy editor) click OK a group policy editor will open.Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen
  • After this group policy editor window will open there are options on left and right sides on the left side there will be “Computer Configuration” expand it by clicking on it.
  • Under this selected category expand Administrative templates then Control Panel and then the Personalization folder shown.Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen
  • Now as you can see in the above image select the “Do not display lock screen” option.
  • It will option another dialog box select the enabled in this one and then click the OK button to disable windows 10 lock screen.Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen
  • That’s it now restart and there will be no lock screen.

2.Registry Editor

This method works on any of the windows versions or editions.

  • The first step is same as above first open run dialog box by (Windows +R) or searching in start the term “Run”.
  • Then type “regedit” short for (registry edit) click the OK button.Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen
  • After this the registry editor window will open where you see many options go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows.Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen
  • Right click on the Windows folder and click New then Key and name it Personalization.
  • Disable Windows 10 Lock ScreenNow select the Personalization folder that you have created right click on it select New then DWORD(32-but) Value.
  • Now rename the newly created value to “No Lock Screen” double click on it and enter the value “1” and then OK.Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen
  • Now restart the system and you have disabled windows 10 lock screen follow any of the steps if you still face difficulty tell us in the comments.

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This is how you Disable Windows 10 Lock Screen try it if you really need to because you will not be having user options after it.

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