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Disable Ads On Windows 10 Lock Screen

Windows 10 Lock Screen was redesigned and have more better features then the previous versions of Windows but it has some annoying features that you can turn off easily.

Some were good changes that everything was redesigned in a better way but there were some bad changes too if you are seeing those annoying ads when you boot up your PC and see a new ad about something trending on your lock screen.

This causes frustration for some users and your PC takes more time to boot because that ad is eating up your memory some of us hate these kind of things like me we always want to have the better user experience which is without any extra things.

But you don’t have to worry you can easily turn this feature off most of the Windows 10 fix tools will already do this job for you.This ad notification system is shown by the feature called Windows Spotlight.This feature is available in the personalization option in settings area.

By just following this quick guide you can easily turn off your windows ad extra notifications and ad area at the end tell us in the comment field that what have you done.

Disable Ads On Windows 10 Lock Screen

  • Boot up your PC and make sure you are seeing ads because if you are not seeing them then there is no need to continue because you already have turned them off.
  • Go to the Settings area then go to Personalization and then on the left pane select the Lock Screen.
  • Just under the Background you will have three options Windows spotlight,Picture and Slideshow.
  • Once you select the picture or any other form you will see more options underneath it.
  • Toggle it to off where it will be written Get fun,tips,tricks.
  • Reboot your PC and there will be no ads on lock screen.

This was the simple way to Disable Ads On Windows 10 Lock Screen you can also use software’s that we have mentioned at the start of the article the Windows 10 fix tool it will do everything for you.

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