Data Backup From iPhone and iPad-Easy Way

Data backup is one of the most important parts of smart device usage because we need to restore them at some point it can be for moving data from one device or retrieving a lost data.

On Apple device, we have iCloud service that is used to store photos and messages it can be retrieved on other Apple devices also but the difficult thing about iCloud is that it is not so easy to choose the data which you wanna save.

To overcome this problem there are different apps available that will help you to backup your data and we have selected PhoneView for it.Because it’s easy and it will let interconnect iPhone and iPad with MAC and generate a saved copy in the local directory which can be restored when required.

The basic and most important feature of PhoneView is to save a local copy of your messages and voicemails on your Mac devices.So now you must be thinking how you can retrieve data by using the PhoneView app so here is the simple tutorial that will help you.

Data Backup From iPhone and iPad Tutorial

  • First, connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac device.
  • From launchpad open PhoneView app on your Mac.
  • Next, you have to choose which type of data you want to copy it can be messages, voicemails or call logs.
  • Then you have to select the folders which you want to copy.
  • Click on “Copy from iPhone or iPad option”.
  • Now save the settings.

That’s it your messages, calls or voicemails have successfully saved on the local drive of your Mac.Besides messages and voicemails, some other things you can copy are notes, media files, call history and a contact list which means complete phone backup.

PhoneView is not free it will cost you $29.95 but you always have the option to try it free for 7-days so you can check whether this app is useful for you or not.

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