Clear Android App Cache Automatically After It Crosses Limit

Smartphones have taken all over the world in this age of internet every person owns a smartphone because of its uses.It makes our lives easy with the help of apps and on a system like Android there are lots of apps which creates a cache on the mobile system that needs to be cleaned.

Apps store a small bit of information on the phone memory this is because next time you run an app it runs fast because of the files which are already in the memory in the form of cache.But the cache is not a necessity to an app to run it can run without the cache files.These files are only stores to make the app running process fast most apps require you to clean the cache files aka as junk files.To make the process fast cache needs to be cleaned after a certain limit so you can save your memory also.

You won’t have to wait for any app to load which is what happens when you use usual cache cleaning apps.Thanks to the experts on XDA dev forum new Xposed module can clear cache automatically after a certain limit.

Requirements you need

  • To use the Xposed module you need the Xposed framework.
  • Your device must be rooted if not do it.
  • Enable Unkown Sources in Settings>Security.

After you meet all the requirements go to Xposed installer app and open the Download section and search for the Cache Catcher install it.After the installation go to the modules section and enable the newly installed module and reboot your device ideally, you will receive a notification of newly installed module.

You can download the Xposed apk from this link using a browser and install it like all other apps on your smartphone.

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Max Cache Size

Find the Cache Catcher app from your app drawer and launch it.You need to configure two settings that are Blacklist mode and Max total size of the cache.

You can choose the options according to your phone memory default is set to 8mb you have options available to 128 MB depending on your mobile storage choose the best option.

Blacklist Mode

Blacklist mode will help you to blacklist certain apps which you don’t want in this cache rule which is necessary sometimes because some apps might cause trouble in updating or clearing the cache so it’s better to blacklist them from the app.

In cache catcher go to app list and select the apps which you want to blacklist.It will show you the app package names so it will be difficult for you but you can get the idea from the app package name.

Whitelist Mode

If more apps are in your blacklist and you are facing difficulty or app is having a problem then you need the whitelist mode which will add those apps which you only need to be cleared from the cache using the cache rules.Meaning only those apps will be cleared from the cache which are added in the whitelist mode.

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