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Change Default PDF Reader In Windows 10 Tutorial

Default PDF Reader In Windows 10 does not have much options there are many third party PDF readers available for free you can easily change the default one to other by this guide.

Default PDF reader feature was included from Windows 8 before that you have to download third party programs because Microsoft wanted to make their OS more powerful.They Introduced PDF reader in Windows 8 which will only allow you to read it you cannot perform more tasks like you can do in others.

Then in Windows 10 they wanted to make that feature more better they combined the PDF functionality with Microsoft Edge.Microsoft Edge is the new fastest builtin browser the company has produced to make it more usable they combined the PDF read functionality because people read online PDF books and other stuff.

This is a good sign because you don’t need to buy or download other PDF readers to install them to your system.Because Windows is already providing you the PDF reader functionality but if you don’t want to use the default reader then you can follow these steps to use other ones.

Change Default PDF Reader In Windows 10

You can change the default PDF reader In Windows 10 by using the following ways:

  • Using File Explorer
  • Using Control Panel

File Explorer Method

This is one of the simplest ways to Open PDF file just go to where your PDF files are right click on any of the files then Open with there you will be seeing list of programs that can be used to open PDF files select any of your favorite programs you have installed or click on Choose another app.

Default PDF Reader In Windows 10

The two popular software’s used to open PDF files are Adobe Reader and FOXIT PDF Reader available for free you can search for them in the google and download their latest version.

 A popup will appear with options to use other software for one time or for lifetime if you want that program to always open PDF files then you can select Always use this App option.

Default PDF Reader In Windows 10

Control Panel Method

Launch control panel and Select Programs from left list.

Default PDF Reader In Windows 10

Click on Default Programs then click on Associate a file type or protocol with a program after that it will show you a list.

Default PDF Reader In Windows 10

Find .PDF files click on it to change its default program feature.

Default PDF Reader In Windows 10

A same pop up will appear like you have seen in the File Explorer step here you can choose the default program and choose the Always open feature if you can’t find any apps you have installed you can click on choose more apps to look for the apps manually.

These are the two steps to Change Default PDF Reader In Windows 10 you can use these steps to change other default programs too.

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