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Best Tune Up Utilities That Will Help Your PC

Tune Up Utilities are software’s which will help you to run your PC faster and solve most common problems which Windows systems often occur we have selected 3 of the best utilities.

We all want to run our PC at its peak no matter in what type of budget we have bought it we all want it to perform well for us.But that first time performance will not last long because of the usage and other issues PC can become rather slow then its performance when it was purchased for the first time.

Here Tune Up Utilities come to the rescue and save lots of problems.

What are Tune Up Utilities

It’s a simple software that searches your computer for problems and fixes it.Some of the common fixes include running defragment on your hard drive, repairing windows registry files and freeing up the unused space on your hard disk.

3 Best Tune Up Utilities

Now let’s see the 3 best applications available to tune up your PC you may need all three of them depending on your choice.These are available free and also with a subscription option to provide you more professional features.

AVG Tune UpBest Tune Up Utilities That Will Help Your PC

AVG’s TuneUp is one of the best software available to speed up your PC.After their free Antivirus software, the most used utility software on PC is this because of its features which are:

  • Automatic Maintenance
  • Live Optimization
  • Program Deactivator
  • Flight Mode
  • Automatic Updates

All these awesome cleanings and speeding-features are not free you can use it free for a month on trial then you have to pay $49.99 one time fees.

CCleaner Professional Plus

Best Tune Up Utilities That Will Help Your PC

CCleaner was initially used for cleaning the history and registry but later on more features were added to speed up and make your PC Stable which are:-

File Recovery: It can work as a file recovery tool which can recover your lost data from your drives.

Defragment: It has all the basic features of defragmenting a hard drive which can speed up the starting time of your PC.

Registry Fixer: It can search and remove the unused registry items to make your startup time quick and fast.

History Remover: It can delete your history and unused files to free up space on your drive.

CCleaner is available at $39.95 depending on the version you choose.

Symantec Norton Utility

Best Tune Up Utilities That Will Help Your PC

Norton is a household name in tune up utilities it is been used on Windows systems for many years.Its Anitirus was the most used till others came and take over the market.

Norton utility will monitor your PC in real-time for the issues it has a performance test tool which will help you to understand how your PC is working and what files are causing it to slow down.It can give life to your old PC with its fixes and tune up functions.

These were the Best TuneUp Utilities from the famous Vendors there are more utilites available but they are from the sources which you might not trust.

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