Best IOS Apps Of 2015

See best IOS apps for the year 2015 some of them will be known to you some are free and some have subscription charges read the complete details and see which app is more handy for you.

Apps are the main fuel for running the Apple products their high quality apps in mobile platform makes them different from their rivals.

But as like the other platforms around it is difficult to find what app you should use and what kind of app will be more suitable for your need.Some of us randomly install different apps which we don’t need and it takes a lot of space in our phones.

We should install those apps which are only necessary and useful to us some of them are available free and some will cost you some amount of using them.The app list is based on creative tools and video editing types that most of us need in our phones and others will be productivity usage apps and social networking clients that you should have in your phone.

Best IOS Apps 2015

1.Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle Studio Pro

This is a pro app you need to buy to use it with its latest 5.4 version update more features are added by Corel it supports 2k and 4k video & now fully updated and supports IOS 9.Very useful for editing videos in different ways it can edit videos that are uploaded to your I Cloud Trimming clips, splitting clips, adding titles, and adding transitions are only some of the features that this app offers.

2.ooVoo App


A free app providing you to text,video and voice calls options to up to 12 people any time at any device it integrates with your address book like facebook and whatsapp contacts.It has a feature called super clear to automatically adjust your connection settings for making the best user experience.Latest version have something new like the characters you can show up in the chat.


flickr app

A free 1 TB of storage provided by Yahoo for images in Flickr is still the best app for photo storing it now supports IOS 9 with 3D touch and photo previews,people,notifications and much more.The new best feature is ability to press on a image for previewing it then scroll your finger from right to left for seeing other images.Click on the top to look the image in full screen mode the app now opens as a app instead of Safari browser.

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