Article Reader Offline : Read Your Favorite Pages Offline

Article Reader Offline is an Android application which will save your important pages and you can read them later to save data usage of your network.

With the increase in a number of heavy websites and applications who are constantly updating mobile data, usage has increased and some people are facing difficulty to control it.Users who are not on Wifi traveling try to save their mobile data as much they can because rates of 3G, 4G packages are also getting higher.

There are only two ways to save data either to switch off mobile data or to save a page that you can read later easily when you are free.There are many read it later applications available on the PlayStore I recently came across a nice read later app known as Article Reader Offline which has a nice interface and layout.

Article Reader Offline

Article reader offline helps users to save data usage by allowing the users to save web pages and articles which they can read later that is helpful if you like to read a lot.

It provides comfort and distraction free view which means no popups or ads which are on some of the other read later applications.

This app is neat and clean focused towards reading so you can easily read without any problem.

Article Reader Offline

Most of us are busy whole day and like to read blogs and news you can save your favorite news and blog posts and read at your bedtime.

UI of Article Reader Offline

Article Reader Offline : Read Your Favorite Pages Offline

It has a straight forward UI which will save your time you just need to choose which link you want to save you can make folders and store as much as you can depending on the space of your device.


If you don’t know how to use it you can tap the three dots button on the top and select how to use it will provide instructions for using this app.

Article Reader Offline : Read Your Favorite Pages Offline

You can also customize your reading experience choose different fonts, colors day night theme based on your choice.Easy scrolling and the app also can read the article for you if you are lazy to read choose the speech option to read the article aloud based on chosen language and accent.

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Reading Experience

It has the best reading experience out of other free reading apps because of so many features focused towards reading only so you won’t be disturbed with other buttons or any options coming onto the screen.

At the end, I would say you should download the Article Reader Offline and try it yourself it is so lightweight and features rich that you don’t have to use any other apps to save your articles for later reading.

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