Android N Features Release Date & Expectations

Android N Features are new some of them have already been rumored before and now confirmed by the Google itself lets read complete details about the new version of Android.

The first preview of Android is already out which will give you the sneak preview of what you can expect from the latest version of Google mobile OS.It will be officially launched later in the year but you can enjoy its preview features which are available in Android 7.0.

There will be some developer features which won’t be available in the final release but it always the good feeling when you try something that is in development mode.Some Android N features are confirmed by Google and some are available in the preview you can have the clear idea about what you can expect.

Release Date Of Android N 

Google will not holding you for long they surprised every one on March 9 when they launched Android N developer preview which you can download now.It went live on Android developer site for selected Nexus handsets will be available for other vendors also.

The final release date of Android N is around September 30 which means you can expect latest Nexus version to launch in coming months.Because Google will be launching the latest version along with new versions of Nexus handsets.

For the first six months Android N will be limited to selected Nexus smartphones it will follow other vendors and manufactures after some time.You can download the preview version and flash your device to install it but its only available on compatible devices and there are some issues also.

Multi Window Mode

Few months back it was confirmed about the multi window mode which means you can see the split screen live in action in the latest preview built of Android.But App developers need to make it compatible with their apps to make it work perfectly it will help you to maximize the multitasking experience.

Tablet Supper in Android N 

It will have the better tablet support so now every app can run on any type of tablet you are using Android developers wants to make the smooth tablet experience for users that’s why team is focused this time about the tablet devices.

New Settings Menu

It will have the new settings menu with better features including suggestions option you can see the basic details in the main settings menu allowing users to set everything without finding complex options.Which means you don’t have to enter the WiFi menu to see on which network you are connected.

You can see the network settings and connected settings on the top of the main settings area it will save lots of time but it should be their from the start.Sound and notification will have the different sections where you can manage them with more freedom of options.

Swipe out nav menu with hamburger menu is making this Android N better then the previous released versions you have used.Better touch support so you can easily do what you want to new menu is provided to ease the usage environment and experience.

Better Doz Mode  

Doze Mode which was introduced in Marshmallow is now improved and has two tier system now one of them will operate when the screen is off for a while.This means you can enjoy Doz Mode when you’re mobile is in idle state anytime anywhere.

The other mode is based on the Marshmallow option it will work when your mobile will enter deeper hibernation mode and is still idle.

New Notification Settings Panel 

Notification and quick settings panel are improved with new tweaks you can now see thin strip of recently used things on the top of notification shade area.Most of the features like you have accessed before will be manged from the main screen while other will take you to their menu.

The notification area is now better then ever so you can manage everything from one place saving your time and giving you better view of what notifications you have.App icons have now been kept at minimum size with better contact images of your address book.

Change of Display Size  

Android N will allow you to change the DPI settings which you can do it by going into settings and choosing display area and there you can see the option of display size which can change size of your screen content.

Faster App Optimization 

In previous versions of Android it takes lot of time for App optimization when you update because it used to optimize when the system reboots.But developers have changed everything now optimization is done when you run it first time after the update and it is kept in the memory to save time which will allow device to have faster boots.

Recent Apps & Multi Tasking

Recent Apps have now the big icons with better user experience this can be accessed in traditional way by tapping the middle area but if you double tap it can switch between current and last used app.If you double tap in the recent apps area then again it will take you to the recent app used.Long pressing the same button will take you to the multi tasking window.

Data Saver Feature

When you turn this feature on it will stop background sync it will help you to save data plan it will also allow to limit the number of apps in the background.You can also choose which apps to allow to use the sync options while still in the data saver mode.

Dark Mode 

Dark mode is known as Android N night mode now which was removed last year the developers added cool features more then the darkish theme so that you can use it in a cool way.You can change the options related to light and other stuff night mode can be turned on automatically and it can adjust brightness.

Better Call Screening Options 

Now you can block certain numbers in better way rather using 3rd party Apps with just tapping and more features are available also to screen some certain numbers.

Emergency Info On Lock Screen

This is one of the features which can help in many ways it will display your emergency info on your lock screen including your name,blood type,address,medical conditions that may be required when someone finds you in a accident position.

Android Beta Program  

This is quite helpful option you don’t have to flash your device anymore because Google allows you to register your device and it can receive new updates about the beta releases.It will allow the non tech personals to update and see the latest builds.

Android N will be the next big thing in Smartphone OS market its still not confirmed that it will be named only N or something else for that we have to wait some time until Google releases more updates.

Source:Android Authority

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