5 VR Apps Android Users Must Try

VR Apps are increasing day by day and you should use them if you own a VR device.In this article, we will discuss 5 VR Apps that Android users must try.

As smartphone market is expanding companies are now looking for new ideas new innovative things that inspire and are useful in the tech industry.From smart watches to AR and VR vendors are producing more tech products to engage the smartphone users and provide entertainment and more fun in the gadgets.

VR has been produced by different vendors differ on quality the best quality VR sets you can buy are Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and others from big brands.Some Chinese vendors are also selling low-cost VR sets but they don’t have much quality like you can get from Samsung or any other big brand.

If you are starting with the VR and don’t want to buy expensive VR headset then the best solution for you is to try Google Cardboard.Google PlayStore has many apps which you can play on Google Cardboard easily and you won’t face difficulty in running them.

5 VR Apps For Android Users

If you are new to VR then you should definitely check these 5 VR Apps that are for beginners who want to use VR technology.

1.Cardboard5 VR Apps Android Users Must Try

The best app for Google Cardboard on PlayStore is Cardboard app it will help you to setup your VR experience it will show the list of VR apps installed on your device.You can use Google Earth to fly around and play around the areas to see everything in virtual reality.Additionally, you can view your photos, videos and other VR content you have on your device.

2.Cardboard Camera

5 VR Apps Android Users Must Try

Another best app for your Google Cardboard is Cardboard camera as you can guess by the name.This app lets you take VR pictures which you can view on your VR headset or Cardboard.It does not require any credentials just sign in and start taking pictures.

3.Titans of Space

5 VR Apps Android Users Must Try

If you have dreamed of becoming an astronaut going into space and discovering the galaxy then you can make your dream come true with the help of virtual reality.This app features a VR tour of our solar system so you can see everything near your eyes and feels the galaxy around you.

Voice narration will help you to learn about the various planetary bodies most of the app is free but to have a voice you need to pay $2.99.So use this app and make your childhood dream come true with the help of Titans of Space virtual reality app.


5 VR Apps Android Users Must Try

This is an education oriented app that suits the class room environment but it also has tons of landmarks, waterscapes and other places to enjoy the virtual reality.App also has a 360-degree mode in case you would like to view everything without VR.

5.Full dive VR

5 VR Apps Android Users Must Try

This is a VR platform to find other VR content it has a VR UI and you can search the web for other VR content available.It has a VR video player to play Youtube videos a VR browser to browse everything in VR it also has a VR marketplace to search more VR apps and games.

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These 5 VR Apps are must have for Android users as a base to start with the VR technology you can use them in your fun time and enjoy the VR technology.

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