11 Free IOS Apps Of 2015

See 11 free IOS apps which will be very useful to you I tried to collect those names which you may haven’t heard before but are very handy and it must be in your I phones read complete details.

Now there are hundreds and thousands of Apps available for IOS some are useful and some are don’t here I will show you list of 11 free IOS apps that will be quite useful to you for any IOS device specially for smart phones.The lists includes news,social networking,photography and fun that should be installed in your device.

1.Strava App

Strava app

This is the fitness smart phone app if you likes running and cycling then this app is for you it will monitor your performance you can set goals in it and it will generate daily report so that you can track your overall performance.You can find user created routes or create your own to follow them all of these features are free of charge but it has a premium feature which will give more tools to you.

2.Snapseed App 

snapseed app

Now a days smartphones are all about photo editing and making them more useful Snapseed is a Google product it will allow you to edit your photos on touch screen devices easily.You can tweak photos by just snap of your fingers enhance them or do anything it has a lot of features that you muse use.

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